Tomasella & Associates, LLC is experienced in residential real estate closings. We have represented both Buyers and Sellers. Tomasella & Associates, LLC, also provide legal seminars for real estate agents as well as for first time homebuyers. We are dedicated to making your home buying or home selling process easy and efficient. With many years of experience and closings completed, we are able to provide you with quality legal advice. Please contact us today regarding your residential real estate questions.

Practice Areas

Eminent Domain

Mortgage and Financing

Estate Planning

Residential Real Estate

Property Tax Appeals

Documentation Review

Landlord Tenant Disputes

Home Construction

Title Liens Search

Eminent Domain

Eminent Domain is referred to a situation where the government holds power to take up private property for any public use. It can happen to anyone at any time you should make yourself prepared for situations like these, as you have to present a rock-strong reason to win the struggle against the government.

The professionals attorneys at Tomasella and Associates LLC. have extensive know-how in handling eminent domain cases. Till now we have helped our clients by settling multiple cases in their favor while assisting them in securing decent and justifiable compensation.

We can challenge and get into legalities against any quasi-government agency like highway authorities, airport authorities, community development agencies, utility companies and all others.

Get fair compensation with Tomasella and Associates LLC.

We have seen that the compensations offered by the government are lower than the market value of your property and you should never settle down with something less.

Get in touch with us, and we will help you in securing the right amount of compensation you deserve.

Mortgage and Financing Law

Are you planning to buy a new home and looking for a reliable mortgage company? Stop, before getting in touch with a mortgage company you need to call an attorney on board who can make you aware about your rights as a borrower and the stringent loan terms that you can avoid.

We at Tomasella and Associates LLC. have old-hands in mortgage and financing industry. Our attorneys have the right knowledge and can assist you in avoiding the potholes set by lenders or mortgage providers.

Our teams will review the mortgage documents on your behalf to stamp the situation that everything is on the right side and you are getting the right provider.

This in return will help you to avoid any FORECLOSURE, which is the worst thing that can happen to anyone.

Also, we can assist you throughout the process by lender rights redemptions while educating you about the Real Estate Laws of your local or state authorities.

Residential Real Estate

Buying and investing in real estate isn’t just a game of money; it is something that requires you to be legally prepared in case something unfortunate happens.

While buying a new property, there are fair chances that the BUYER can finalize the deal without checking the background of the property. The real estate property you are looking to buy can attract FORECLOSURE, and also it can be liable under any specific lien which can land you in serious troubles.

Before finalizing any deal make sure that you have scrutinized that the background of the real estate is pristinely clear and there is no legal complexity related to it.

So you don’t know how to get the background checked? Don’t panic Tomasella and Associates LLC. are here to help you!

We are capable of conducting a plethora of surveys on the location you are planning to buy while checking for any kind of liens, mortgage disputes, eminent domain chances, the license, and all other indispensable aspects that complies with the Real Estate Laws.

In case you are in the middle of a deal, and facing legal issues then call us without any hesitation. We can take you out of the dig with the assurance to get the final decision in your favor.

Estate Planning

Tomasella and Associates LLC. has a deep specialization in estate planning. All the attorneys associated with us are able to prepare the right documents for transferring and managing all of your assets, creating and amending the trusts that are already set up, and dealing with IRS (Internal Revenue Service).

The estate planning areas we specialize in incorporate trust or life insurance policies, joint tenancy, tenancy that is in common, and individual retirement.

Also our attorneys will assist you in explaining the wills, drawing the wills, and helping you to avoid any kind of probate.

Primary areas Tomasella and Associates LLC. will focus:

  • The authenticity of the will
  • The rightful executors that belong to the will
  • Terminating any executors who have violated the laws and fiduciary responsibilities.

Common disputes that can create obstacles in your way

  • The actual intent of descendent behind the will
  • Was the will written under any influence and pressure

You need to make sure that you are getting the right share that complies with the will. In many cases the wills are disturbed and it is a violation of law. We will help you in removing all the executors who are indulged in any kind of violation.

Tomasella and Associates LLC. take the pride of being a preferred choice of people who are stuck in inheritance disputes. Our top of the line attorneys will handle the entire legalities on your behalf with the promise of a satisfactory resolution.

Property Tax Appeals

There is myriad of taxes applicable on the real estate you are buying and selling and these taxes can break the bank by making a giant hole in your pocket. The best part is that you can avoid specific taxes that are not crucial and can be prevented in some instances.

At Tomasella and Associates, LLC. we overview your documentation and make sure that you are not paying taxes that don’t belong you. In a hurry to crack the best deal people have a tendency to indulge in significant taxation amounts that are difficult to pay.

We keep an eye that you are only going for the taxes that are applicable as per the regulations set up by your State of Local Authorities or other Government Agencies.

Our field of professionals includes tax grievances, tax exceptions, revenue bonds, mortgage registrations, fund adjustments, and other state assessed properties.

Comprehensive Documentation Review

Documentation review is one of the most cardinal and daunting facet of residential real estate industry. In certain cases, it is an extraordinarily exorbitant and time-consuming job that is hard to accomplish.

Tomasella and Associates LLC. render specialized services while accelerating the documentation and reviewing process.  We can also manage the documentation cost so as to put a lesser burden on your pocket.

We commence the process by reviewing every single detail and pinpointing the ones who need any clarification and can lead to any complexity in the future.

The documentation is an indispensable task, and you cannot go wrong with it.

In some cases, we have assisted our clients in terminating the wrong deals just by reviewing the documents. The wrong set of documents means you have to shell out some extra expenses that are hidden in the papers.

Tomasella and Associates LLC. will help you in predicting the scope of any future expenses. The entire process is carried out confidentially so that there is no information breach during the process.

We are more than sure that you will be satisfied with our document review services that are specially customized for your case to treat it on priority.

Landlord and Tenant Disputes

Landlord and Tenant disputes are getting common than ever. This is not a local or national problem, but people across the globe are dealing with these issues.

If you are also bearing a lot due to your tenants, then it is the high time to correct what’s not right!

Tomasella and Associates LLC. have helped hundreds of homeowners in taking a dig against the wrong tenants.

Dealing with landlord and tenant disputes requires the latest skills and knowledge of the newly introduced laws. We have fabricated a whole new process that will make it easier for the landlord to curtail the troubles and mess created by the tenants.

Before getting any tenants, you should contact Tomasella and Associates LLC. for the documentation process. We have a set of stringent laws and policies that will act in your favor if things are not going as expected.

Our attorneys also set you free to add any clause in the documents with the consequences if any regulation is violated by the tenants dwelling in.

With Tomasella and Associates LLC. evicting the tenant is not a nightmare anymore; it is a smooth process that is carried out by us on your behalf.

What we do:

  • We prepare the lease and renting documentations while favoring you.
  • Registration of the documents in a proper and legal manner
  • Clauses that support eviction of tenants in a feasible and easy way

Dealing with the tenants is not always a pain in the neck when you have a reliable attorney service like Tomasella and Associates LLC. by your side.

Home Construction Litigation

Are you on the verge of commencing your home construction? Before looking for a reliable contractor, you should look for a legal partner who can stamp the situation that you are indulging into 100% legal construction.

In the last few years, it has been seen that illegal constructions are demolished, or the homeowners have to shell out huge bucks as penalties with the legal notice to rectify the illegalities at the earliest.

If you are about to construct your new residence, then you should get in touch with Tomasella and Associates LLC. We have deep proficiency in residence and home constructions, and we can educate you about the illegal constructions that can create an obstacle in the long run.

We will save you from any future troubles with the assurance that everything will work as expected. Also, our attorneys can terminate all kind of restrictions applied to your construction area.

Our teams review your case thoroughly to come up with best-in-class and sure-shot solutions. From documentation to any negotiation in penalties, we can carry out each and everything that is stopping you from achieving your dream abode.

Title Liens Search and Termination

Buying new property can land you in the lap of hassles if proper investigation is not carried out. We know that you are busy in your lifestyle and don’t have the time to search for any liens behind a property, that’s why we are here!

Tomasella and Associates LLC. is an professionals attorney firm that can research for any liens on your behalf and can terminate them on the earliest. Purchasing something under a lien means knocking the door of never-ending troubles, which is strictly not advised.

The process we follow to search and terminate liens

  • Our attorneys get into a thorough research on the property details allocated by you.
  • We follow our customized protocol to dig out the hidden liens (if any).
  • Tomasella and Associates LLC. gets deeper into the history to trace out anything which is harmful for the deal.
  • We successfully prepare a report that incorporates all details related to the liens (if found any).

A separate report is submitted when the liens are terminated.


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