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New Christmas Traditions

It may not be possible to continue all the traditions you cherished as a family, but that does not mean you cannot make new ones. Actively listen to your kid(s) about what is important to them this holiday season and what they would like to do.  Allowing them the safe space to talk to you about the holidays moving forward will alleviate some of the fear and uncertainty they may be feeling during this important time of the year.  If you can, speak with your ex-spouse and your child(ren) about traditions you would like to keep and new ones you would like to create. If possible, see if you can compromise and do some of those activities together.

Here are a few ideas to create new traditions and memories for this holiday season:

Participate in a charitable activity – A great new holiday tradition for a divorced family is to volunteer or fundraise and donate to charitable causes. From donating food, clothing, toys, or other needed items to papering meals for the homeless, giving back can be a meaningful way to celebrate the holidays.

Do a hands-on activity – Doing a special project together is a great way to make the holidays memorable and special for you and your kid(s).   Not only do you get to spend time together but you also have a keepsake to commemorate the memory.

Find and prepare new holiday recipes together – Whether you bake a holiday-related dessert or put a family twist on a classic holiday dish, you and your kid(s) can have fun cooking together. Even cooking a dish you normally prepare can be a fun new holiday tradition to bond over.

Attend holiday light and/or decoration shows – A fun evening outing can be attending a holiday light show.  If you are on a budget, fill up the travel mugs with hot chocolate and drive around your local area and admire what your neighbors and businesses have done for the holidays.

Take a family trip – Depending on your holiday parenting plan, plan a day trip or an extended vacation.  Visiting a new place or a cherished location can be a great way to connect and create new fun memories.

Visit friends and/or family – Spending holidays with extended family or close friends can be a great way to create new holiday traditions.  Whether you travel or they come to you, having the people that are the closest to you and your family can make this transition much easier.

Binge out on holiday movies – Disney, Hallmark, Lifetime, and a lot of other television networks begin streaming Christmas and other holiday movies at the beginning of November. Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, and other streaming services also have a large collection of holiday films. Having a movie marathon where everyone gets to pick a movie can be a great new family tradition.

The holidays are a season filled with tradition and your first Christmas after a divorce is the perfect time to start new ones! Let us help you focus on your family and enjoy the holiday fun, contact Tomasella & Vacca today!