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How Much Alimony Will You Be Paying?

If your spouse is financially dependent on you during your marriage, you may need to pay alimony after the divorce. The circumstances aren’t always clear. For instance, how long will you be paying alimony and how much alimony? According to N.J.S.A. 2A:34-23(b), there are factors that need to be considered in determining alimony allocation. Here are some of the most compelling factors:

  • Whether parties are able to pay
  • How long the couple was married
  • Where each party stands in terms of age, physical and emotional health
  • How the couple lived while they were married and how likely they are to continue living at a comparable standard of living post-separation
  • Where each party stands in terms of earning capacities, educational levels, vocational skills and employability
  • Whether a party was absent from the job market for a time
  • Who is responsible for any dependents
  • Whether one or both parties hold other assets or receive passive income
  • How any alimony awards may affect either party’s tax situation

Some of these factors may apply to you and your marriage and you may believe some factors do not apply; however ensuring the applications of the above factors are done correctly is imperative.

Enlist the Help of A Divorce Attorney

As legal professionals in the field of family law, Tomasella and Vacca, L.L.C want to make your transition to a new phase of life as smooth as possible. We’ll help you lay out all the details regarding alimony payments, ensuring you know exactly what will be expected of you. If you need the help of a divorce attorney in Hackensack NJ, there’s no team better than ours. For more information, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.