Halloween is one of the most anticipated holidays for children and a great opportunity for parents to spend quality time with their kids.  While parenting plans typically include major holidays such as Thanksgiving or Christmas, other days such as Halloween can sometimes be missed.  With weeks of events, festivals, and anticipation all leading up to the day itself, it is a special time for every child that is not to be missed. Costumes, giant bags of candy, haunted houses, and the ritual of “trick or treating,” there are endless excitements that should fill your child’s thoughts. They should not be burdened with the worry about their mom’s and dad’s custody agreement. Parents who have gone through divorce must keep the focus on the fun of the holiday without allowing their own wishes to detract from their child’s enjoyment of Halloween.

     As Halloween often falls on a weekday, when school is in session, custody time can be limited due to school schedules. Planning in advance with your ex-spouse ensures a positive Halloween experience and meaningful memories that last a lifetime. If no prior agreement or understanding exists, this may become an issue for the parent who does not have regular-scheduled custody on the date of Halloween.  As a unique holiday, Halloween has a special limited window as kids become teens and wish to experience it with friends rather than with their parents.  

   You can choose to agree to share the day or divide it up between parents, so everyone can partake in the festivities. This could look like one parent taking the child to a school Halloween party during the day and the other spending time with the child after school when the trick-or-treating hour begins. You might also want to consider what your pick-up and drop-off schedule will look like if planning for neighborhood parties, trick-or-treating, or sleepovers. Since Halloween is a one-day holiday, there are only a few hours to enjoy trick-or-treating. If both parents can be there, it might be the best way to share the holiday with your child. It is also a great opportunity to show your child that you and their other parent can set aside their differences to make Halloween feel special. The more detailed the parenting plan, the less likely a dispute will occur between the two parents.

Tomasella & Vacca, L.L.C, can help the parties negotiate a parenting plan and avoid years of disputes and focuses on spending quality time with your kids and allowing your children to have lasting positive memories. Enjoy the Halloween festivities with your children without the stress of planning parenting time by contacting our lawyers today to create a schedule based on the best interest of you and your family.

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