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A Narcissist is a person who has an excessive interest in or admiration of themselves.  Narcissistic spouses tend to be emotionally manipulative and self-absorbed which can lead to a rocky divorce process. Narcissists will attempt to drag out the litigation and often engage in gaslighting and attempt to paint you as the “bad guy”.

We recommend keeping and updating all records that relate to you, your spouse and any children. These records may include any financial records, credit scores, assets, liabilities, information on the children and more. By keeping the original and copies of these records you will be able to dismantle claims made by the narcissistic spouse.

When divorcing a narcissistic spouse, it is not all about finances and records. It is also about the wellbeing and mental health of you and your children. It is important to seek out counsel that will not only fight for you but also will be support for you during this difficult time. Contact Tomasella and Vacca, L.L.C for a consultation if you have any questions regarding the divorce process that requires the expertise of our Family Law Attorney Hackensack NJ.

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